Monday, June 24, 2013

Minnie Mouse

Abby is very into Minnie Mouse right now.
I think this is so precious because it is the first thing she has taken a liking to on her own.
She likes everything her brother likes, though she does have a little bit of independence in that her favorite Thomas characters are Luke and Toby versus Aaron's of Percy and Henry.
Side note that both of my kids are head over heels with the Thomas franchise, but neither of them actually care about Thomas the character.
Anyway, Abby loves Minnie Mouse and I love that.
And Aaron's just letting her love it.  He's not getting all into "I love it, too".  It's just her thing.
She also really likes Donald and Daisy and Micky, but Minnie has her heart!

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Anonymous said...

I have some ears for you Abby.
Love, Dee