Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Project Life Tuesday

We just had a wonderful week and a perfect Holiday Weekend. We hope you did, too. Here is Project Life Tuesday for this week.

Tuesday June 29, 2010

Aaron and I met Maria and her sweet girls at Southlake Town Square to walk around and do some shopping. It was a cool day and it was so nice. We finished up by eating lunch at Rockfish. Aaron ate a crayon. I did not take a picture of that, but here is Brielle enjoying her fish tacos.
Wednesday June 30, 2010

We cleaned the house today! I had the goal of putting the house completely together by the end of June. We made it, but it sure was filthy. Aaron was a big helper this day.
Thursday July 1, 2010
We had planned to meet Papa John at his office and go to lunch with him. It was such an exciting day. We got shown around his office (Aaron was not a fan of all those strangers, but he loved all the pictures of Aaron up in Papa's personal office) and then took a stroll downtown for lunch. Kimmie was able to join us. That worked out super well because the restaurant didn't have high chairs! So Kimmie walked Aaron around the restaurant during most of lunch. She really didn't seem to mind and Aaron loved it.

Friday July 2, 2010
We had absolutely nothing to do this day. We were completely done with the house and most people we know were spending this day 'getting ready for the 4th'. We had no plans whatsoever for the 4th, so we had nothing to get ready for. So Aaron and I played outside most of the day and just had a nice time together.

Saturday July 3, 2010
We stayed around the house all day. I did remember to dress Aaron in Red, White and Blue all weekend. This outfit is from Grandma Beth and the American Flag stickers came in the mail from Kimmie and Papa.

Sunday July 4, 2010
We wore Red, White and Blue to church! Aren't these some handsome patriots?

After church, the Cottons came over and the Curtises were in town for the weekend, so they came over. I prepared a fantastic lunch from Domino's Pizza with a side of applesauce that I pulled from the cupboard. After the feast, we retired to the Game Room, but 6 adults and 5 kids is quite the scene, so the men took the kids outside and the wives caught up inside. It was a fantastic day. We had a wonderful time with our friends.

Monday July 5, 2010
We hung around the house and played outside most of the day, but we did run over to Grandad and Mimi's for a bit in the afternoon. Mimi is getting ready for her big trip to Costa Rica and we won't see her for a couple weeks, so we wanted to have a little visit.

Have a wonderful week!


B. Meandering said...

I've been checking ever since I got back--anxious to see the updates of the little man! I think it's good that you set one day aside for cleaning. Jackie Leck used to do that and she set one day for laundry (of course she had 6 people to wash for).

Would have loved to see the crayon eating moment, but the others were cute. He looks really engrossed in that last photo with his grandpa. I like the 'All American Boy' t-shirt!

Glad you had a fun day with friends.

Spicy Magnolia said...

Yeah for being done with the house!! That has to feel so good. I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend with your boys.

Melissa said...

He looks like a little man. I cannot believe how much he is changing daily!! What a cutie pie!!!

Rebekah said...

I have never been to the Southlake shopping center, but I have heard it is great!!!! Hope you guys are settling in and loving your new home! Aaron looks so cute in his red, white, and blue! I will let you know when we head that way! I want to hang out with you guys!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great week to me! :) Aaron is seriously looking like a little toddler in those pictures! Wow!