Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Phone picture from the last two weeks

A little in store reading
Playing trains while Aaron is at school

Loves the frogs on her PJs

Getting ready for Christmas pictures
I was trying to take a picture of her bow to send to Julie

Date night YUM
First day of Fall leaf dress
Aaron reading the Bible at church.  He is really enjoying Big Church
Ummm.  Falling leaves dress, cowboy boots, bow in her face.  MESS
Watching the A&M/Bama Game


Anonymous said...

Love the frogs!

Love, Dee

Beth said...

Esp. love that sweet pic of her reading in the store---so adorable!
She looks so much older there. But then, when she is looking at the frogs on her pj's, she looks more like the toddler that she is.:>)