Monday, October 19, 2015

No reason

I don't know why I haven't taken very many pictures lately.  This is the longest span I have go in between posts.  These pictures are all phone pictures and were taken over the last nineteen days.
Abigail's teacher actually sent me this one because Abigail was having such a great day.  She has been working very hard in school!
We got our Christmas cards and they look great!

We went to Roanoke the first weekend in October.  This was at Hey Sugar, the candy store
This was at a taco shop


On a bench in Roanoke

This was the first Sunday in October on the way home from our SS lunch


And that same day at Jackson's birthday party

A giraffe Abigail drew for Mrs. Elliott
Lunch with Aaron at the beginning of October
 Aaron at the Dragon Homecoming Game

Saturday football with Daddy

 Jory sent this picture from the Rangers playoff game
 Worship Care

Abigail in Aaron's helmet
 A date lunch outside in perfect weather

Aaron waiting to be picked up for a playdate at the park.  He's wearing his helmet.
 Abigail tree climbing
 Aaron took a selfie

We got booed!


Halloween Treats from Grandma Beth!

An amazing chef dinner for couples!

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