Thursday, July 10, 2008

It IS Real!

Well, here is my first attempt at the blog thing! As Sara said, the results of the test are all conclusive- we are pregnant! The funny thing is, though, it doesn't quite feel real yet. I'm reading a book written for expectant fathers, and it says that women "connect" with the prenancy much faster than men. I think that is holding true in our case. It has nothing to do with being happy and excited (I am both of those), it's just that the news is a little stunning. Plus, Sara has not exhibited many of the common early-stage symptoms, particularly morning sickness. I praise God for that, and hope she isn't a late bloomer when it comes to sickness. But with her acting and feeling normal, I have to continually remind myself that we are pregnant. I'm sure all of this will pass in a very short time. I anticipate that our August 6th appointment will drive it all home for me. The results of that appointment should give us the green light to start breaking the news, and that will be fun. In the meantime, I'll continue to pray for health and enlightenment on all that we are supposed to be doing. There are so many things to do, remember, keep track of, etc. But what an amazing journey this will be! That is, as soon as I believe it is happening!

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