Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smooth Sailing...so far

It has been a while since either of us has posted. That's because there has been very little to report. And trust me, that is a good thing. No morning sickness, no nausea, no significant changes to speak of. We have been incredibly blessed so far with a smooth first nine weeks. Sara finally admitted the other day that she has given in and now believes the doctor- she really is pregnant. Because there haven't been any of the typical side effects going on, I think it has been hard for her to really believe this was happening. That, in turn, has made it hard for me to believe it, too. Other than seeing her reading "What to Expect When You're Expecting", there has been nothing to confirm what is going on. But we'll get there, I have no doubt. For now, we'll just be thankful for how smoothly things have gone and how well Sara is feeling. And we will be thankful that the really uncomfortable part of her pregnancy will not be happening in July and August- it's HOT!

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