Saturday, November 15, 2008


Guess where we spent Friday night? Lowe's and Home Depot! Jory spent over an hour pouring over the paint colors to pick the perfect shade for Baby Allen's room. It was sweet. This was his project and I did a good job of staying out of it and just observing the decision-making process. At the end, he narrowed it down to three colors and asked me to eliminate one. I did and that's the one he chose(?). Anyway, it's a precious color and he always does a good job with paint choices so I am anxious to see the end result. I mostly enjoyed just watching him being so intent on making this room perfect.

He is definitely getting more excited about Little One's arrival as we get closer. And everyone asks if the nursery is done. We kind of look at each other like 'is it supposed to be? We've got three months' and then we go home and say, 'we've only got three months! We need to do something'. I think it's all going to come together beautifully, though. The furniture and bedding should be in there by January and that still gives us time to buy decorations, right?

Right now, I'm trying to decide what to bring Little One home from the hospital in. Something fancy? Something comfortable? A dress or outfit that can be used for first pictures and become an heirloom? A sleeper that could actually be used - a lot? Jory has no opinion on this and I go back and forth pretty regularly. There's a baby's clothing store in town that I may check out today.


Mary Kate said...

I got these at a local boutique in my hometown. The brand is 'KissyKissy' & I am sure you can find it in your area! I fell in love with the brand & have gotten several different outfits from them. It is so soft!! Hopefully you can find place that sells it!

Anonymous said...

I've got to get back to Cincinnati and dig out all the stuff I saved from yours and Doug's baby days! I know I saved the Christening outfits and I think I saved the warm fleese hood wrap that we brought Doug home in. You as you already know had to come home in a Christmas stocking. The hospital insisted since this one women's group had made them for that purpose. You did look adorable, but I really wanted to put you in what I think Doug later got to come home in. I'll be making a trip before Christmas to rummage the attic!:) Love---mom

meg @ spicy magnolia said...

I ordered the book you recommended to me through Amazon and it should be here by Wednesday. Already told hubby we've GOT to read it so I can have some way of feeling more motivated and that it's actually something achievable..thank you!

We were given a precious little matching set with a onesie, sleep sack and hat from Janie and Jack to bring Polka home from the hospital. I always pictured getting a nice outfit, but my mom said that as soon as we would get home, we'd probably need to change Polka out of it into something more comfortable (or clean). And it's something totally cute (and super comfy) that is neutral for boy or girl. Hadn't thought about it, but it is something that can be used lots. That's just what we're gonna use...I might have other recommendations after the fact. :)

Ann Goade said...

You know me. We went the practical route. I'm big on comfort, so I found outfits that were cute and soft. I did save what they wore for each of them.