Saturday, May 19, 2012

Last Day of School!

Thursday was Aaron's last day of school!  Here he is all ready to go.  I put the same shirt on him that he wore the first day, but not the same shorts.  Now that he's potty trained, he's particular about his pants and shorts - nothing with buttons that are hard to get off!  These drawstring pants are his favorite and we've stocked up!
I took a picture of his lunch because I did that on the first day of school.  You can see that post here

He was just as anxious to get to school today as he was in August!  He has enjoyed school and absolutely loves his teachers! They are precious, precious women and that entire school has been so good to Aaron.

It was hard for me to have him in school.  I hated knowing that there were days that were 'taken'
when there are so many days in the future that he will have to be in school and we won't have the freedom to pick up and do whatever we want that day.  But it has been amazing to watch him grow and change this year.  His communication skills have improved approximately 500% and he has had so many wonderful experiences that he has been able to share with us. 

I am thankful for Aaron's 'school' and I'm also looking forward to summer with this sweet boy!

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