Friday, May 11, 2012

Some things we've been doing

Don't you just love this? Aaron reading books at the library.  Can you see that they are all about backhoes?  And he is very excited to take them home, but he just can't help but read a few at the library before we leave!  Our library has a lot of great things going on this summer that I am excited about.
We went to Kids Night at Chick Fil A the other night.  Abby is right in it with the other kids in the play area!

Watching Brother swim.  Only three more classes.  We're mostly going to take the summer off from swim lessons and just log pool time.

Mowing...Abby loves Aaron's push mower much more than he did at this age.  I am glad we still have it!

Showing Grandad how to "pick 'em, pick 'em, pick 'em".  The part of Patty Cake she knows - and is VERY proud of.

We had lunch with my sweet friend Meg and Brennan and Kensie who were passing through from Round Rock.  I LOVE this family!

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