Thursday, October 25, 2012


We had a fun, sweet family day Saturday.  We had pictures taken on Main Street and it was a gorgeous day so we walked around down town for a while and then ate at Main Street Bread.
Then we changed into our Aggie Gear and headed to the Gaylord for a game watching party.  It was so much fun!  And Aaron loved the Gaylord.  He could watch the train for hours!
We had dinner with two families from Sunday School.  The host has two smokers and he made Turkey and Pork Shoulder that would blow your mind.  Abby devoured it.  And then she devoured Aaron's.  I'll give him credit for trying both meats, though.
Aaron loved playing with Thomas and Jack's cool toys.
Jack and Aaron playing before dinner.
Aaron waiting patiently.
Big girl ready for dinner
 Tired after a long, fun day!


Anonymous said...


Love Dee & Papa

Beth said...

Agree with the "Sweet!"
Esp. love that last pic---Daddy and his tuckered little girl holding on tight.