Friday, October 5, 2012

Two People I Really Love

This Boy
And the woman who takes his pictures!
Kristi Brockett (Two Pink Boots Photography) came over Saturday to do our Christmas Pictures.  It was a lucky decision my husband made to have this year's pictures done inside our home! Because when we woke up Saturday morning it was a rainy, muddy mess outside.  Which my son LOVES.  Aaron begged, begged, begged us to let him play in the mud.  Luckily the pictures were at 9 am, so we didn't have to hold him off too long.  But AS SOON as the last pictue was snapped he was stripping out of those "are we going to church" clothes and heading outside.  Kristi couldn't resist following him with her camera.  (And I couldn't resist putting some clothes on him even if they were his pajamas which were the closest thing I could grab).   Any way, I just absolutely love Kristi.  She is a huge blessing and the fact that she is the most talented photographer I know of and is willing to put up with my toddlers every month or so when I'm itching for pictures is triple blessing to me!


Anonymous said...

Such a cute muddy boy!
We love you Aaron, Dee & Papa

Kristi said...

you have been such a blessing to me - your generosity and care for me - for ALL of us in our lovely little sunday school class - it makes my heart happy that I get to take those pictures of your adorable children!