Thursday, November 15, 2012

21 Months Old

Please forgive me for the poor quality phone pictures.
Abby is 21 Months old today and it is clear that babyhood is slipping away.  She often sits in the regular kitchen chairs without her booster and now she's eating cereal with milk with a spoon and I see her growing up so quickly. She is doing well with regular cups, too.
She still wears a size 2T and unless she surprises me with a huge growth spurt, I think she'll be there for a while.  She wears size 4 diapers and size 7 shoes.  She sleeps 12 hours at night (she goes to sleep between 6 and 7 and wakes up between 6 and 7) and she takes one nap in the afternoon for about 2 hours.
She talks ALL THE TIME now.  It is really quite something.  Of course, there is only occasionally a word that I recognize, but she has added two words - Broken and Yuck Yuck.  Broken is funny because she says it so pitiful.  So sad it's broken!  She is so expressive!  It is something to behold.
We have been decorating for Christmas so the antlers came out.  The picture below is before swim on Monday.  I love it!  A bathing suit, no shoes and a warm winter coat! She is doing fantastic in swim.  She had a substitute teacher on Monday and I fell in love with him.  He really pushed Abby and it was amazing to see what she can do. And she loves the water.  She brings me her bathing suit every single day and wants to swim!
Abby is also a lover.  She wants to hug and love on everyone she sees! People tell me that all of the time.  At church she makes her rounds and hugs everyone. 
Baby Girl, it makes me tear up to see you growing up so fast, but you are a precious child of God.  We love you!

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Beth said...

A sweetheart for sure! I'm so looking forward to seeing her and all of you at Christmas. I wish we had a bigger place so you could spend a night here.