Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Birthday Parties

We had three parties this weekend.

 Saturday morning was Jackson Elliott's 2nd Birthday Party.  Which I can not believe, by the way.  Anyway, it was a John Deere theme and the invitations were adorable and I am certain that the party decorations would rock your world because that's how Julie rolls, but I wasn't there and Jory didn't take any pictures of the decorations.  Odd... He did, however, send me phone pictures of the kids
 In the afternoon we had Emily Golz's 1st Birthday party.  It was a pumpkin theme and so cute!
 Aaron loves their sand box!
 And Abby loves their slide!
 On Sunday after church we had a surprise birthday party for one of the men in our Sunday School class. 
 It was at Johnny B's and so fun!

We had such a great weekend!


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