Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Road Trip Day One

This weekend we took a trip to Mississippi for the Ole Miss/Texas A&M Game.  And, really, to see my best friend and to show my husband Oxford.  It was AWESOME.  We had a great trip and the kids did fabulous.  We were so proud of them.  We were in the car about 11 hours each way.

 Our very first stop was the travel center across the Texas-Louisiana Border.



 We took pictures


 And the kids ran for a few minutes

Next we hit Cracker Barrel for lunch

Cracker Barrel is one of our family's favorite road trip stops

 The kids love to play there
 And we get a good meal
 We also stopped when we crossed over into Mississippi

The kids loved the huge river and there was a real live train running over it when we were there!

 We made one more quick stop for dinner at Wendy's about an hour from Mrs. Kathy's house and then we were there!  We all went to bed pretty quick and couldn't wait to get up and see Ole Miss!




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