Saturday, March 14, 2015

Let the Catch Up Begin




On Thursday  March 5 we woke up to what I estimated was about 4 inches of snow.  I heard, though, that the area got about 7-8 inches.  School was cancelled, but because it was actually snow and not ice and the sun came out, the roads were okay fairly quickly.  Jory went on to work and we went to Abigail's 4 year well check.
 She did great and she was healthy (and tall)

 So by the time the kids got to play in the snow it was pretty sparse



They had a fabulous time anyway! 



They have never played in actual snow!  We usually just get ice and flurries.


 School was back on Friday which was great because it was Aaron's day for his School Birthday Party (since his birthday falls on Spring Break).  I had lunch with him that day and he got this Happy Birthday Hat that his teacher made for him.  The top of it is a 6.

He was so proud of his hat and he wore it to Baskin Robbins for his Friday Ice Cream Treat for having all green for the week.  A stranger gave him $20 and told him to buy his whole family ice cream!  The guy left before we'd paid and I told him to wait for the change and he said to buy Aaron a cake!  Everyone that came in smiled at Aaron in his hat and told him Happy Birthday.


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