Sunday, March 15, 2015

Some Spring Break Stuff

The kids were out of school for Spring Break last week.  We had three different play dates cancelled because of my friends' sick kids (strep, croup and fever virus) so we were blessed to be healthy but I kind of felt like they were fighting something all week because they seemed tired.  So we did a few things but layed pretty low.
We had our church's music minister and his wife over for dinner Tuesday and we made this dessert lasagna on Monday.  We spent the rest of Monday running errands and playing Legos.
On Tuesday we went to Terrell to meet our good friends from Tyler.
We got some great deals at the Outlet Mall and had a fun Mexican lunch.




The kids love the rides at the mall!

On Thursday we played at Dee and Papa's


Aaron put together one of his new Lego sets.


We ordered pizza for lunch
 On Friday we saw Cinderella



We went to the Dine In Theatre and the kids had lunch during the movie.  We loved the big comfy seats.  The theatre was so fun and the movie was really good. 




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