Saturday, January 23, 2016

Some Pictures

I haven't been taking pictures lately and I'm sad because I am missing some great moments.  I had lunch with Aaron this week and Dee and Papa came today and Abigail and I had some special outings.  So I need to get back on it, but this is what I have.

This was Abigail walking out of the post office and she just looked so grown up to me, somehow.  I loved her dress.  And, those boots.  My word we have gotten some use out of those.  And EVERYONE compliments her on them!

 Chuck E Cheese with our Sunday School class!


 The kids were out of school Monday and we had a lot of running around to do and ended up eating lunch at McAlister's.
 Library time after school this week.

 She earned 100 marbles and got this at Toys R Us!

Ready for the cold.  We are SOOOO blessed that Uncle Doug sends us warm winter coats!
 And this was just after school one day.  With socks on her arms for gloves.  So people wouldn't get hit by her powers.

 This was SO fantastic.  Aaron was the Mystery Reader in Abigail's class this week.  They were both so proud!



 He did great!



A Friday Treat

 Town square to go to the library and get Aaron's hair cut.
 Ready for dance this morning!

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