Sunday, January 10, 2016


Jory was out of town this weekend, which is always a big bummer, but we had a sweet weekend.  The kids got a package from Gymboree from Grandma Sheri and this dress was in there with a sweet yellow sweater with daisy buttons!  Very Easter cute and there was a matching shirt for Aaron that he LOVED.  He wore it to church today!
It was cold and I made my first ever split pea soup.  I think I'd make my grandma proud!
I visited an older couple from our church this week who felt very strongly that Aaron should be reading Rush's historical children's books, of which I was unware.  They also were somewhat doubtful that our library would carry said books.  So on Saturday, I received a very heavy package from Amazon with these (and two more) hard back Rush books addressed to Master Aaron and Abigail! SO thoughtful.
And Aaron LOVES them.  He isn't putting them down!
The kids earned dinner out last night and chose Howard Wang's
They are every single bite of their enormous meals!  Aaron is really growing right now!
At church today, Aaron read his book until service started.  And here is his new shirt!

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