Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Week

 My picture taking in February has not improved much, especially given that today was Sports day at church and the kids looked soooo cute and I didn't take a single picture and we had a Super Bowl Party after church and I didn't take any pictures!  But it was FUN!  Aaron wore a Dolphins Jersey, of course, and Abigail had on an Ole Miss dress.  These pictures are from when I had lunch with Abigail this week (she wanted a picture of her and her teacher, too), but I didn't take any when I had lunch with Aaron this week.  I am soooo going to miss Abigail's teacher next year.  Aaron had her too and it's going to be hard to say goodbye.  I can not believe we are almost done with Rockenbaugh Elementary!

This week was the 100th Day of School.  Abigail has a 100 Awesome Days of School shirt that was Katie Grace's.

Just getting ready Friday!
A picture Abigail brought home from school this week.
 A text exchange with Julie regarding said picture.
A text exchange with Abigail's teacher regarding same picture.


 A new Princess Sophia outfit Grandma and Grandpa sent Abigail for her birthday!
 She slept in it with the Princess Sophia doll that came with it.
 Aaron's Valentine's Box in process
 Abigail with a 'stained glass' art project she got from her Grandparents, too.  And, those boots!! :)
 Abigail made a beach picnic Saturday

Jory was gone Saturday morning at the Syndicate and we had a time! 

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