Friday, January 6, 2017

Back to Life

 We had a very low key New Years.  On New Year's Eve morning we had breakfast at Cracker Barrell and then bought some rocking chairs for our front porch.  We had been planning to get them before we found out we were having Andrew and then we bought nursery furniture instead!  But my boss gave me a really nice Visa Gift Card for Christmas and they were on sale so it worked out beautifully.


After breakfast Grandad came over with Christmas gifts.  Aaron got Walkie Talkies and the kids love them!  They can use them several blocks away from the house and still be heard perfectly, so it's so fun.

And Abigail got a scooter that she has been riding incessantly.  It is seriously crazy how obsessed she is. 

New Year's Day was church and hanging at the house

 Abgiail wearing slippers Kim's friend made for her a while ago.  And a nightgown that used to be mine.
 The day before the kids go back to school is usually a really fun last day of break, but we spent this one getting ready for Andrew while Abigail scootered and Aaron played outside.  Hospital bag is packed and in the car, car seats installed, etc.  Less than three weeks to go!
 Lunch with Sis this week

 Getting her haircut

 She loved her braid and glitter!
 My husband randomly leaves me Southern Living recipes on the kitchen counter.  I finally got around to making this one.  Candied bacon sweet potatoes.  Yum.  The kids ate this up!

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