Friday, January 13, 2017

The Week

Lunch with Aaron last Friday
I completely forgot that a week ago today we had "snow" because within 48 hours it was 75 degrees!  Abigail's teacher let the kids go outside for two minutes to experience the snow and get a picture.  Aaron didn't get to go out.  

But they were soooo excited to go out when they got home.
Abigail's Snow Angel.  She came in after 30 minutes, but I eventually had to force Aaron inside.
Lunch with Aaron on Monday
On Tuesday he got sealants on his teeth and don't let this brave face fool you, he does not do well at the dentist!
I had lunch with Abigail that day
Aaron asked me to stay and have lunch with him again.  He was still a bit shaky from the dentist.

Abigail made gingerbread cookies


Today we are 37 weeks pregnant with Andrew!  We are seeing the doctor every three days now to have fluids checked and monitoring his movements closely!  His delivery is officially scheduled for January 30, but our doctor doesn't think we will make it that long, so we are just in a waiting game.  Everything is ready for his arrival! 

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