Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Abigail is quite artistic.  We have been told that since preschool.  They had an illustrator visit and she was so enthralled and she followed his instructions to a tee and drew a picture that blew everyone away.  She tells us she wants to be an illustrator and she spends most of her spare time and money on art.  I can not tell you how proud she was when a note came home telling us that her art was being displayed in the Carroll ISD Art Show at Art in the Square in Southlake.  She was the only kindergartner (out of 130) in her school chosen.  She could not get off the bus before she was already telling me and she was just so excited. 
All the artwork chosen was really good so it was wonderful that she was picked.
 It's called Water Lilies and it is multimedia and uses multicolored watercolors (she tells me)


It hasn't come home to us yet, but her grandparents insist we must frame it and we will - it's her first art show piece!

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