Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I just downloaded pictures from my phone for the first time in three weeks.  There were over 100.  So I will post these in random batches.  Hopefully I am about to get back to downloading daily now that everyone is back in their own room (my computer was sharing a bedroom with Aaron when we were all displaced for sleep training, but we are good now). 

This was at my Mom's group in April.  Andrew is starting to get out of his carrier a little in public now.  He used to sleep through everyting.

Lunch in April.  I am pretty sure I had lunch with Aaron the same day and I forgot to take his picture!
 Sleeping through lunch
 The day the sno cone stand opens is always huge (and completely unpredictable - they open when they open, people).


 In April we went to a TCU Baylor baseball game and ate near campus afterwards
 It was cold.  Andrew is wearing PJs.




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