Saturday, April 22, 2017

First Flight in the Books

Andrew and I flew to Ohio Thursday for a quick trip.  We came back Friday.  Here he is chilling in the airport.
 Ready to take off.  He was fascinated with everything.  He was awake almost the whole way there but did fine.  Except when he peed on me and I had to get out of a window seat to go change him and he got really mad about the whole thing.

Hanging with Uncle Doug.  He knows his way around a baby.

 Addy and Maddie gave him lots of love.  So did Melissa.  And Peyton.  But I don't have pictures.  Dillon thought he was alright, too.  It was so good to see my nieces and nephews.

Asleep on Friday
 Heading back to the airport
 In the parking garage when we got back.  He slept most of the second flight. 

He was really such a trooper and he slept really well at Dad's which I wasn't sure about.  It was a great visit for us both.

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