Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Last Week of July

This was when the boys were still in Ecuador. I thought it was funny.

The VBS carnival in Ecuador
The Equator

Andrew started really sitting up while they were gone 



In his portable bed, too


Ice Cream Truck!


The last day in Ecuador


Flight delay
They're home!
Abigail planned a Feast for them and set the table

And this happened before we picked them up

Aaron in his Ecuador shirt from last year.  He brought each of us presents and he got himself a replica of a church they visited 



The week after they got back Abigail had art camp and Aaron and I hung low

But we did have our Annual Summer Chuck E Cheese visit with the Goades


Another Art Camp picture
Sleeping baby pictures




Chick Fil A with the Huffmans 

Chick Fil A with the Golzes



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