Saturday, September 2, 2017

First Day of School

 The kids had a great first week of school

It was half days and I think they both wished they had the whole day

 A lot of it was just going over rules and expectations
 They had short recesses and half specials (PE, Art, Music, etc.)
 Aaron has two teachers this year - he switches halfway through the day

He loves that and he loves his afternoon teacher a lot more than his homeroom/morning teacher
 One of his best friends is in his class so he's excited
 Abigail LOVES her teacher
 They both did great on their assessments

 Riding the bus was great fun
 Since Abigail is out of kindergarten I don't have to be at the bus stop anymore.  I don't even have to be outside.  They just walk in the door in the afternoon!

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