Friday, September 1, 2017

This week in phone pictures

I've been using the camera in the mornings to take back to school pictures and I'll post those later today.  Here is what is on my phone from the week. 

 On Saturday Sis wanted to go to Southlake Town Square.  She got some books at the library and then sat on a bench outside and read because the weather was so nice.  It was a little cooler and windy with the hurricane happening a few hours away.  Andrew just hung out and blew bubbles.
 Sunday night we had our annual back to school dinner at Cotton Patch

On Monday we made an apple pie.  I love all the apples this time of year
 Tuesday after school fun


Still love a sleeping baby
 On Wednesday we met Dee and Papa for dinner.  Abigail wrote Dinner time at Cotton Patch on our bench before we left



 On Thursday two of the O'Hare sisters came over while another one was having her school assessment.  Katie dressed up like Elsa and then Aaron tried to teach her to play baseball

 Abigail and Juliana playing with Jory's Star Wars toys

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