Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Project Life Tuesday

It's time for Project Life Tuesday. It feels like this week has been a blur.

Tuesday June 1, 2010

Aaron and I went swimming at Laura's house. Braysen slept through almost the entire playdate! Aaron sure had a good time, though. He stayed in the water just slightly longer than normal - it turns out that Laura has dirt at her house, too - but he had a fun time splashing while he was in there.

Wednesday June 2, 2010

Aaron and I went thrift store shopping with Maria, Brielle and Emma. Maria knows all the good places and I can't wait to take Jory back to them. We ended up with a trip to TJ Maxx Home Goods where this picture was taken. It was the best stop of all because we ran into Aaron's Aunt Carolyn and Cousin Alex!

Thursday June 3, 2010
Aaron and I did absolutely nothing this day! We try to do that once a week. Can you see how much he enjoys it?

Friday June 4, 2010
Aaron and I went to Costco with Leslie, Catherine and Grace! It was our first trip to Costco - quite the experience. Afterwards we had lunch at IHOP. I just love these girls!! And Aaron does, too, even if you can't tell from this picture.

Saturday June 5, 2010
Today we moved the rest of our boxes to the house. Everything else will be done by moves next week. This was a busy day, so this was the only picture I got.

Sunday June 6, 2010
After church Jory mowed the lawn. And Aaron watched. He loves to watch his Daddy working outside. He loves even more to help him, but he's not quite ready for mowing yet. Soon.

Monday June 7, 2010
Today was a day. Kimmie came over and played with Aaron. For some reason, I have no picture of that, but Aaron sure did enjoy it. Kimmie is such a good sport, y'all. It was 100 degrees today before the humidity which was just unreal and all Aaron wanted to do was play outside! Kimmie, of course, joined him.
I hope you had a great week, too!


B. Meandering said...

The picture where he's watching Daddy is certainly an "Ahhhhhh!" moment.
Does this mean that Grandma Beth will have to play outside in 100+ temps for her visit? How do you say "Grandma Beth's body is atuned to Ohio temps and doesn't understand TX temps." in "Aaron language?":)

Spicy Magnolia said...

What a special summer you have going on with your boy! It sure takes some adjusting to those hot temps though. :) I'm glad you do Project Life so I can get a glimpse into your week. Hope you're doing well!

Melissa said...

I love the picture of him looking at the window at Daddy! That is so sweet! I am loving his wild hair girl! He is just getting so big! Can you believe they are 15 months this week? Where has the time gone! How is the move going?