Monday, June 27, 2011

Four Month Well Check

Abby had her four month appointment last week...and then we headed to Ohio, so I am just now posting and doing it with some random pictures from our trip.

Abby is very healthy and everything looked good. She is VERY tall. She is actually the same length that Aaron was at 4 months (27 inches) which is very tall for a boy and unbelievable for a girl. She is in the 99th percentile for height and she is the length of an average 8 month old. Her feet are as long as the average 8 month old's, as well (though they seem skinny to me).

She is 15 pounds. That is the 80th percentile and she is the weight of an average 5 month old. Her head is the size of an average 4 month old, though!

She is sleeping 10-12 hours at night (usually 7pm to 6am). She takes three naps during the day: a short one in the morning and the late afternoon and a long one around noon. She naps 4-6 hours during the day.

She eats every three hours during the day and not at all in the night. She loves to be on her stomach and she is starting to scoot a little. She rolls a lot and kicks A LOT. She is very smiley. And she still sucks her fingers. All The Time.


Spicy Magnolia said...

Beautiful, tall baby girl!! And you're in OH!? Oh, I hope the trip goes really, really well! Hugs and love.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet girl!

Love her bunches, Kimmie & Papa