Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Four Months Old!

Abigail Elizabeth Allen, you are four months old today and such a JOY! You are a super smiley baby. You love people and you love to be held. You are definitely showing signs of being social.

You wear 6 month clothes and a size 2 diaper. You roll over - both ways - a lot and are starting to get some travelling distance. As soon as we lay you down you flip over. You really love to be on your stomach. You are starting to show signs of scooting, too.

You love your feet! You also love to kick your legs.

You are a happy, sweet baby and we love you so much!


Beth said...

I love the expressions on her face! Wow--4 months old!

Anonymous said...

Happy four months birthday, Abby!
You are a blessing to our family.
Love you always, Kimmie & Papa

Rebekah said...

I can't believe it! Such a sweet girl!