Saturday, December 10, 2011

Growing and Changing

Aaron amazes me on a daily basis at this point. Every day brings new words and new ideas. He is growing, learning and changing so quickly now that I can't keep up!For a while his favorite sentence was 'What that is?" But know he says, "What is that?" He wants to know what everything is and what it does. He also wants to know everyone's name. We always get the cashier's name at the store. It has made me notice others more and take the time to call them by name. What a wonderful thing!
He is very sensitive to his sister - most of the time. If she's crying he brings her a blanket and rubs her head. It is so sweet.
He is talking constantly. We have a play-by-play all day long. He's started to get a handle on concepts - far away, not very full, etc. And his use of pronouns, etc. is really quite good. For his age, he is generally quite patient. He is especially patient when we can not understand what he is saying. He works really hard to make us understand. He doesn't get frustrated - but he also doesn't give up until we get it right! Love this Little Man!

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