Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meeting Santa

On Saturday, the Grapevine Fire Department put on a wonderful, free event for the community. All you can eat pancakes and a visit from Santa! We weren't sure how Aaron would react to Santa, but we knew he would love the fire trucks, so we gave it a shot.

While we were waiting to meet Santa, Aaron kept asking if he could go outside and see the fire trucks! The kid didn't care a lick about Santa! But we waited anyway. When we got up there we were greeted by Rudolph who was not unlike the cow from Chick-Fil-A who my son is terrified of. I was aware of Rudolph one beat too late and Aaron melted down and wouldn't get near Santa. He reminds me constantly that he "really, really doesn't like Rudolph". Take One, not stellar, but we did see some cool fire trucks.
Take Two was at TCU - a very Not Free event that we registered for a long time ago because it sells out. And we paid for pictures, so these kids were gonna smile! HA!
This really turned out to be the coolest thing! We got there early and Aaron was wandering around checking things out. He saw a long hallway with a French door at the end and he ran down it to see if there were any backhoes out there. Really. When he got there he pressed his face up to the window looking for backhoes and you will never believe who walked up! Santa just waltzed right through that French door and there we were in a big, empty hallway - just us and Santa! Oh it was awesome! Aaron just stared up at him all wide eyed with his mouth open. Santa was so kind!! He talked to Aaron and told him all about his trip to the school and talked about Christmas and Aaron and when he told Aaron that he collects smiles Aaron gave him a big one!
Aaron was so looking forward to sitting on Santa's lap at this point that the 40 minute wait in the line did not phase him a bit. Jory and I were both so pleased by how well the kids did. And the picture turned out great - I don't have one to upload here, though.
After the picture we had some cookies and Aaron got to make an ornament that he was so proud of.
It really was such an enjoyable day. We were glad we went and glad the kids had such a good time.
They both fell sleep on the way home - the excitement of Santa was too much!

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Rebekah said...

Precious! Glad it was such a success!!!