Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dressing Abby

Dressing a girl has proven to be just as much fun as everyone said it would be (though I really enjoy dressing my boy, too!).This weekend was a special treat for me because I put Abby in a dress of mine that my grandmother had made me. I wish daily that my grandma could meet my babies and it touched my heart so to see Abigail in this dress made with loving hands.
I was saddened a bit because it was a little short and I'm afraid that's going to prove to be the case with many of my clothes - I don't have Abby's long legs!
But all the same, I thought she looked precious!


Kathy C said...

How precious! The length may have a lot to do with styles in the 70s, too. Dresses came barely below the bloomers and you could see all of the legs. I think we are used to seeing the longer dresses now and it makes the older ones look even shorter.

Kristi said...

So sweet! You could always pair it with some capri pants - I can get extra life out of dresses this way.

Beth said...

I tear up looking at this. I'm so glad I saved the things she made you. Your friend is right--dresses were much shorter then. In fact, it took me awhile to adjust to how long Peyton's and Addy's dresses were. I thought it was a preference of their mom's, but then I realized it was the accepted length.
Thanks for posting this, daughter.

Anonymous said...

She is precious as usual!
Your dress is so cute on her.
Love it....Dee