Friday, March 30, 2012

What he eats

Aaron has never liked meat. Never. I was told lots of things - it's the texture, he'll get over it; it's hard to chew, when he's older he'll eat it; you don't give him enough of it...It's not like he never, ever eats any meat, but he doesn't choose it and he rarely eats more than a few bites, though sometimes he surprises us. And he really doesn't like chicken. When Abby came along we knew that Aaron's preference was just that and had nothing to do with anything else. Because that girl loves her meat and always has. All of it.
People ask me all the time what Aaron eats at Chick Fil A, one of his favorite places. A tomato sandwich and cole slaw, of course. I am not kidding. A whole wheat bun with several thick slices of tomato and a side of slaw. Not too shabby. His sister eats an entire grilled chicken breast, by the way.

He loves soy products (fake chicken, fake hot dogs, etc.). He loves anything made with black beans. He loves vegetables. Spinach tamales are one of his favorites.
Maybe some day he'll be a huge steak lover and I'll want to remember the days of tomato sandwiches and vegetarian tamales!


Spicy Magnolia said...

Truly amazing what he eats!

Anonymous said...

Healthy Little Man.

We love you, Dee & Papa