Monday, March 12, 2012

The last week

Thursday March 1, 2012

Play time after Aaron got home from school.

Friday March 2, 2012
Rough and tough guy!
Abby's outfit says 'I love my auntie'. We were supposed to visit Aunt Carolyn this day so I had Abby decked out!
Saturday March 3, 2012
Hanging around the house
Sunday March 4, 2012
Crawling around the house
Monday March 5, 2012
We met the Savages for lunch at Aaron's favorite place - Einstein Bros!
Tuesday March 6, 2012
After Aaron's swim class Abby had a doctor's appointment.
Aaron got in the stroller while Abby was being checked out.
Wednesday March 7, 2012
Aaron climbed up on the changing table and decided he needed assistance getting down. He was not happy with me when I chose to get my camera instead!
Papa had to miss Aaron's birthday party, but he stopped by earlier in the day and Aaron shared one of his birthday Backhoe cookies with him.

Thursday March 8, 2012
Abby's snack before swim
Friday March 9, 2012
Our sweet friends the Evanses visited from Tyler! I was so excited.
After visiting for a while at the house we went to lunch at McDonald's and had some play time.

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