Thursday, July 19, 2012


Three is such a crazy age. The hardest moments with the most fun, most sweet, most unbelievable moments. I love this boy!
I love this boy, but... he's taken to saying 'yeah'.  Okay, that's just going to drive me right through the roof.  I realize there are probably more important things to worry about, but...

Anyway, he's also taken to calling me Mommy-gail.  It comes from Abigail which he pronounces Ab Bee Gail.  So, I am Mom Mee Gail. 
Aaron watches me do Jillian Michels workouts and he loves to imitate them everywhere we go.  Here's the Plank!


Beth said...

I'll take "yeah" over "No!" You had that one mastered!:>)
Ahhh the stages of childhood--they drive you a bit crazy at the time, but then you look back at them with a bit of mist in your eyes and smile on your lips.

Anonymous said...

I love that boy! He often reminds me of his Daddy. I will add, Jory was a perfect child.
Love, Dee/Mom

Anonymous said...

Can we arrange a marriage for Aaron and Rowan? They would make such a cute couple!