Monday, July 9, 2012

As an aside

Kelly Stamps had a Blog Post last week about how she and her husband picked their daughters' names.  She said that even though they are done having kids, she always has a list of names at the ready.  I thought it was funny, because just Monday night, three of my friends and I were discussing the exact same thing.  We are all done having kids, as far as we know, and yet we've got names ready for that 'next' baby!  I LOVE baby names.  I always say I'd have ten children just to name them.  And I am so fascinated with how people chose their kids' names.  SO, just for fun, here is what Jory and I would name our 'next' baby.  And, without telling you the whole long story of how it's come about, the fact that all 'three' of our kids would have names starting with 'A' is actually a coincidence.  The fact that all the names are Biblical is not.

If we had another girl, we would name her ANNA.  This would have been Aaron's name if he was a girl.  Then we switched to Abigail for our second, but we'd use Anna if we had another girl.  It means Gracious.

If we had a boy, his name would be ANDREW.  It means Courageous.

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Beth said...

Great names! I still play that game esp. in a boring meeting. I'll jot down first and middle names with Orr making sure they sound right with the short last name. And you KNOW I'm not having any more children.