Sunday, July 22, 2012

Some things I just love!

This is Abby posing for a picture.  She hands me my camera or my phone and then runs and sits or stands in her pose and then runs back to see the picture.

This is Abby eating blueberry applesauce and yogurt.  Love this girl!

I usually get her pretty naked for dinner (see above picture) and then she plays for a bit afterwards, so I end up with a few naked pictures.
Can you beat this?

Or this?

And this is random, but I'm pretty excited about it - even if Christmas is five months away!


Beth said...

I love that routine of hers with the camera. She poses quite well. Her cousin Addy does too and she always wants to see the pic right away,
I do enjoy seeing your kids get all messy eating---so glad you let them.
Love the diaper covers. The second one is my favorite.
And that jumper/dress---so cuuute!

Anonymous said...

Rowan wants us to take pictures of all her stuff and she tell us by saying "Cheese my ______ (doll, balloon, bear, etc).
I was really cracking up at the shovel picture because I thought at first she had a mop and was headed out to clean up that dirt! I think it's time to see about glasses.

Anonymous said...

Cute Girl!
Love the dress.

See you soon, Abby
Love, Dee