Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

I love one piece outfits. I fell for them this summer and Aaron has been wearing almost nothing but one piece short outfits for five months. Then "fall" came and he grew a size and we were woefully lacking in the one piece department. I have lamented this to my husband several times. Enter Mimi. We received a package of outfits from her and Grandad on Saturday and you can't imagine my delight! I immediately got this in the wash so Aaron could wear it. I love it. I love it even more because it is Ole Miss colors (Hotty Toddy!). Plus it's got cute little dogs on it that you can't see very well in this picture, but it's just great.
I love boys in plaid and denim. I love this! This is also from Mimi and Grandad and I just think Aaron looks way too cute in it.
I love little kids in hooded coats. I think it's so sweet. And do you not LOVE this? This is a winter jacket (and matching cream-colored pants) that Kimmie brought to us the night before Aaron was born. It's a cow! There are little cow ears when you put up the hood! Oh my gosh! I just absolutely love this. Of course, it's not actually cold enough for it, I was just getting impatient. The Munchkin Man sure is keeping me busy now. I'll do a better update later this week - I just had to get these pictures on here because I love these outfits!


Anonymous said...

He looks so happy and so sweet. He appears to be telling you something in the 3rd picture and the last one he just seems to be loving the jacket. Such a happy boy and mama! My how determinded he looks with that toy!
Wondeful pictures and again thanks for letting us see you, Sara.
It's cool how excited you get over his clothes and how you share them in the blog---it makes giving them even more fun!

That coat is just too cute!

Love---OH mom/gma

Adrienne said...

My Jonah came home from the hospital in that cow outfit. It is so cute!!

Harris Family said...

Okay. That cow jacket is the CUTEST!!! We love one piece outfits too! They are just so easy and I think since you can only put them in them for such a short time- you want to make the most of it!!! At least that's how I feel! However, nothing is much cuter to me than a little boy dressed in his khaki pants and shirt like a big boy! I LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Aaron is the cutest cow kid we have ever seen!!!
Love, Kimmie & Papa