Thursday, October 8, 2009

Real Motherhood

Did you see that kid sitting in the cart at Walmart today? The one with no socks on his feet? That was my child. He takes his socks off. I put them on and he takes them off. We can do that all day long or I can realize that it is 88 degrees outside, he's not walking yet and the world will not stop turning if we go grocery shopping barefooted. So that was my kid.

Did you see that car in the parking lot that wasn't locked? Probably not since there's - thankfully - no flashing sign that tells you that I no longer lock my car door when Aaron and I get out of it. Ever. Nope. I've tried to hold Aaron, my purse and any child paraphernalia while locking the car before entering a store. If I manage to do it, I can almost promise you that I won't be able to find the keys to unlock the car when I get out of the store. And that time I'm going to have more stuff to juggle. So I don't leave anything I don't want stolen in my car, I pray for protection and I leave my car unlocked.

In case you are wondering, Aaron is perfectly sweet today. No meltdowns reminiscent of my afternoon yesterday. Just a bad day, I guess. It is really so rare for him to scream and it is almost unheard of for him to scream and for the reason to not be obvious. Yesterday it wasn't. Maybe one of those new teeth was hurting. Maybe he just needed to develop his lungs. Or maybe his little body was so tired from all the learning he has been doing. Today he took off in a Full On Crawl. We just sat there, stunned. Jory said, "WOW. That was most definitely a crawl." Lord, help us.

PS - Did you notice in the pictures above that I have reclaimed my Living Room? Aaron has a box of toys in a cupboard and his car and that's it. Other than that, the Living Room belongs to the Big People!

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Harris Family said...

You are a brave soul! I could not leave my car unlocked in Waco. Someone would hotwire it and take off in it!!!!!
I totally understand about the socks. I have been experimenting with Cilla. She went barefoot all summer long. But now that the weather has been cooler, I have got to find something that she will keep on her feet! The little Robeez shoes are great. Target has a line similar, too, that I am going to try. I have found these to be to be the hardest for her to get off.