Friday, October 9, 2009

Tough Guy

Aaron got the second half of his flu shot today. We were blessed to be able to get it - there have been a lot of supply shortages here. He did AWESOME. Not only did he not cry, he didn't even get a pouty face. A lot of times he gets a pouty face while he's trying to decide if something hurt enough to cry over. Not today. Such a trooper.

I've been working on child-proofing the house. It's an extraordinary task. The most important job right now is to cover up any wires or cords. If there's something plugged into the wall, Aaron goes for it! He can get across a room in record time if he spots an electrical cord. I'm also working on moving medication and cleaning supplies. That's not a huge concern quite yet since he hasn't started opening cabinets, but I assume that will happen soon. You have no idea how unsafe our house is. Really! I'm surprised people have brought their children to visit us - and that they've survived. We would definitely fail Child Safety 101.
Aaron is quite the chatterbox. He's learning more sounds and it's so sweet. And when he waves Bye Bye he says "Ba Ba". I don't know if it means anything, but it sends me over the moon. He also says "Da Da" and we sure love that!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a flu shot given to him. My neighbors in Cinci has a grandson with flu. He's 5
or 6. I guess he's doing okay--Mike thought they said it was swine flu, but he's not sure.

Why are you moving all that stuff? Isn't that what child proof door "locks" are for? They worked for us for Peyton, Dillon, and Addy although Peyton gave them the toughest test(this was at the lake where they are with us the most).

As usual, Aaron looks adorable. Are you taping his talking. I wish I'd done more of that with you and Doug, esp. you as you were the most creative with language.

I didn't comment on the car blog---you KNOW how I'd feel about that one. Just be sure to remind the angels to not take "coffee breaks."
(inside story, folks).

Love---OH mom/gma