Monday, October 26, 2009

He's a Travelin' Man

It has been a busy week! On Thursday, Aaron and I went to Fort Worth so that I could spend some Girl Time with his Aunt Carolyn. He spent the afternoon with Grandad, Mimi and his cousin Emma. That was really a test run to see how Aaron would do with so much time in the car (2 1/2 hours each way), because on Friday we were leaving for New Braunfels (5 hours one way)! Aaron did incredibly well driving to and from Fort Worth, so our confidence was boosted as we headed down to see John, Terri and Dean. We asked for a lot of prayers as we embarked on such a trip and we must have gotten them because Aaron was AWESOME! We were so proud and thrilled and THANKFUL. We had a wonderful time with the Curtis family and I will post more about that later this week and show some pictures of Aaron with Dean who is just too cute for words. This picture was taken at Chilis in Buda, 45 minutes from New Braunfels. That is where we headed to on Saturday leaving the Curtises for a little while so that we could go meet the Scullys! Meg Scully is someone whose blog I found while I was pregnant. She was due a couple of months before I was and it always seemed like she was thinking and feeling the same things as I. I really took to Meg and she let me latch on to her and depend on her a lot as we travelled the pregnancy journey together.
Now we both have boys (and hers is SO cute you would not believe it if you saw him in person!) and I could not be so close to her home without trying to meet up with her in person. She, Matt and Brennan were gracious enough to meet Jory, Aaron and I for lunch. It was wonderful. She is just as precious in person as I would have imagined (and she brought us the best cranberry cake ever! I am going to beg her for the recipe after I get done updating this blog).

It was truly a wonderful experience to get to meet them. Meg has meant a lot to me over the last year (WOW - has it been that long?). I remember anxiously checking her blog every thirty minutes for an update when I knew she was having her baby. And she has been so supportive and such a kindred spirit. Saturday was a blessing for me and for Jory and Aaron.


Rebekah said...

yay for good babies while traveling! cilla has her days where she is great in the car and other days are a nightmare! you never know what you are going to get when you take off! glad it was a good trip!

Spicy Magnolia said...

We had the best time with ya'll! I'll be getting that recipe to you real soon. :) And now I've gotta try updating my blog now, too. Have a great day!