Friday, November 5, 2010


I thought Aaron looked so cute (and so big) today! It was chilly this morning, so I put this fleece vest on him. Jory found it on sale at REI this summer and I love it!

Several people have asked about Aaron's shoes. He did get new shoes. They are Nike Shox and they are his fourth pair. His fifth pair has already been ordered as a Christmas gift from Kimmie and Papa! I am super partial to the Shox. My brother & sister-in-law bought Aaron his first pair a month after he was born. They have four kids and swore these were the absolute best shoes for young walkers. I have to concur. Aaron walks and runs so much better in these shoes than any other. He LOVES them and they are so sturdy. End of infomercial! HA!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend.


B. Meandering said...

Okay, I'll bite. What is the world is he carrying?
And yes, he is esp. adorable and older looking. Absolutely cute vest.

The Allens said...

He's carrying a reusable shopping bag that we were given to fill up with canned goods for a food drive at Jory's work. We were on our way to the store to buy the food. Of course, between the house and the car several rocks and a stick ended up in the bag.

Spicy Magnolia said...

Ooo, Shox?? I haven't heard of them but now I'm curious. Where do you find them? A specialty store or some place like Target? He is a big boy!