Tuesday, January 11, 2011

22 Months

Aaron, you are twenty-two months old today! We just got the invitations for your second birthday party in the mail and we can't believe how quickly time has flown. We were watching videos of you from a year ago and it was unbelievable - our baby is becoming a boy!
You now have 100 words that you say on your own, in context. The ones that you have picked up since last month are: Owl, Bib, Balloon, Nuts, Read, Make up, Back, Light, Music, Bird, Red, Jeans, Bus, On, Ow, Oh, Lid, Turtle, Monkey, Apple, Duck, Boat, Blue, Mail, Off, Out, Juice, Dinosaur, Pear, Corn, Kim, Peas, Aaron, Down, Black, Bed, Orange, Ear, Purple, Bee, Hand, Wagon, Water, Leaves, Flower, Broom, Horse, White. Mama's going to have to quit keeping track now because there are so many new ones each day. A lot of them require parental interpretation to others, but many of them are clear as a bell.

Your two favorite things to do are to be read to and to play with your rocks. You could be read to for hours. If it was up to you we wouldn't move from the couch all day. But since Mama does have to do some other things during the day you will occupy yourself with putting your rocks in and out of every container and toy truck you can find!

You have started to pray on your own! It is so sweet. You bow your head, close your eyes and pray for Mama, Daddy, Aaron and Abby! You also love to have your little bible read to you and you say 'Hallelujah!' in your own sweet way.

You are so sweet and loving and we just can not get enough of you. You are already such a good big brother. You love to give Abby kisses in Mama's stomach and you try to feed her and give her toys. We love you, Aaron Allen!


Spicy Magnolia said...

Sweet, sweet boy!

B. Meandering said...

Wow--that's a lot of words! I love all his many expressions! Sweet!