Friday, January 28, 2011

Catching Up

It has been two weeks since I have done a post on what Aaron and I have been doing. That's partially because we haven't been doing a whole lot, but also because I have been HORRIBLE about taking pictures. I am at a very lazy place right now and if the camera is not sitting beside me I'm just not running to get it. I am sure I am going to regret that when I look back over this little hole in Aaron's picture history!

But here is what we have been up to. On Wednesday January 12, Jory came home for lunch. That was SO nice. Jory used to eat lunch at home every day, but where we live now in relation to his job does not make it feasible. So this was a special treat and Aaron loved it.

Thursday January 13, 2011

Aaron and I spent the afternoon at Mimi and Grandad's and had so much fun. Well, Aaron had fun. I was just lazy and sat in a big comfortable chair while Aaron wore his grandparents out! Friday January 14, 2011

Aaron and I met Ann for lunch. It is always so nice to see her - plus we got all the fun stuff for Abby's room!
Saturday February 15, 2011
Jory left in the morning to do some things at the deer lease. This is the last time he and Toby would be able to get out there until after Tax Busy Season. Papa and Kimmie came over for a little bit after Jory left and played with the Little Man. Papa read him lots of books and he read Papa some books, too.

Friday January 21, 2011
This was actually the next time Aaron and I got out. He was fighting a cold all week and it was not pleasant outside, so we had a lot of Mama/Aaron time inside! It was wonderful, but I didn't take any pictures! On Friday, we met Braysen and Laura for lunch at a really nice Chick-Fil-A. It was fun, but Aaron was a little hard to handle. You could tell he hadn't been out for a while.

On Sunday January 23, Papa and Kimmie stopped by on the way back from the airport where they had picked up Jory's Aunt Anne. Aaron got to visit with her for a bit and it was a super nice visit. And today (Friday January 28) Aaron is at the Stock Show with John and Kim. He looks super cute and I hope they are taking pictures because I sure didn't take one this morning! Sigh. I will do better next week!

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Spicy Magnolia said...

Brennan is spending the weekend with my parents next weekend, and they're taking him to the stock show, too! I bet Aaron had a blast!