Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aaron's Funnies

Aaron saw this picture the other day and brought it to me shouting, 'Papa!'. Apparently, Papa John and Mr. Incredible share a striking resemblance. Aaron gets very excited now when he sees Mr. Incredible/Papa pictures! Another funny is that Aaron was playing with my old broken cell phone the other day and he 'called' Grandad. He said, "Hi, Grandad! It's Aaron." (Hi Dawl! E.) He then proceeded to have a five minute 'conversation' with Grandad in which he would talk for a while and then pause and let Grandad say some things. And then talk again. He laughed at a bunch of the stuff Grandad 'said' and even answered some questions. It was so funny to me.

Finally, Grandad and Mimi have an Elmo doll that Aaron is in love with. They always have it waiting for him when he arrives. Now when you ask Aaron who lives with Mimi he says 'Grandad and Elmo'. He's even added Elmo to his prayers.

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B. Meandering said...

So cute! His imagination and sense of humor are incredible and wonderful, esp. for his age.
I bet granddad is beaming!