Monday, January 17, 2011


Aaron adds new words to his vocabulary every day and we love it. We just look at each other like, 'where did that come from?'. But even with all the words he can say, there are a whole lot he can't. For many of those he has a sign and for many of them he just doesn't say anything. There are four things, though, that are apparently important enough to him that he
has assigned 'words' he can say to them. Even though what he says sounds nothing like the actual thing he is referring to, he uses his 'word' consistently in reference to the object and definitely has the meaning down. So we go with it. We know what he's talking about, at least.

Here are those words: Yes is 'Awww Way'. This was the very first word that he assigned something to and he has used 'Awww Way' to mean 'Yes' for months now. If you ask Aaron a Yes/No Question he will consistently say 'No' or 'Awww Way'.

Truck is 'Big'. If Aaron says 'Big' he is referring to a truck. If he wants to refer to the size of something as big, he will not say 'Big'. He will say 'Big Bear' or 'Big Bird'. 'Big' alone is a truck.

Grandad is 'Dowel' or 'Dawl'. I am not sure how to spell this one. He has had this one for about a month and he is definitely consistent with it. I think Grandad is just so glad to be called something finally! Jory loves this one. He now refers to his dad as 'Dowel' when he talks about him. It may stick.

Aaron is 'E'. This is fairly new, but he's definitely sticking with it. 'E Bear' is Aaron's Bear.

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B. Meandering said...

So I wonder if Abbigail will end up calling her brother E? You got to admit it will be easier to say sooner, than Aaron will!
This post reminded me of you saying "ah ee" for yes.
Love the little man's way with words! :) Triple cute!