Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last Weekend

I am slowly but surely getting caught up on my Blogging. Last weekend was a very nice weekend. On Friday, Rachel came over and we went to John and Kim's to swim. She had missed out on swimming when she was with us at the beginning of August and we wanted to make it up to her. Plus, we just really like having her around. During lunch Kim's best friend, Vicki, came to bring Abby the most beautiful dress she had smocked. I didn't get any good pictures with Vicki, but it was so nice to visit with her. I can't wait until Abby's old enough to wear that dress. It is gorgeous. When we got home, Aaron took a nap and Rachel dressed Abby up.

She's got on a Tutu Onesie from Old Navy that our friends the Schraubs gave us with the Flower Headband. In some of the pictures she has on sequined shoes that were her cousin Leah's.

In the picture above she has on some PINK sandals from our friend Debbie.

We got to have Rachel spend the night with us and on Saturday morning the girls went to Target while the boys went to swimming class. It was Aaron's last class of the semester and he did great! He got a ribbon and a backpack for completing it. He started his Fall lessons the following Tuesday so that we can keep his skills up.

After lessons and shopping we met the boys while they were getting Aaron's haircut. Much needed!

Then we headed to Einstein Bros!

After some play time at home we took Rachel back to her mom. We are already anticipating next summer when she can visit us lots! On Sunday we went to church.

These pictures were taken after church. It was Promotion Sunday and Aaron moved up a class. Abby is still in Babies.

The rest of the day was just Family Time.

That's what I call a good weekend!

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Beth said...

I love all the pics, but in the third from the last, the children have such precious expressions on their faces. Such a wonderful moment!
You can tell she trusts big brother and that he takes his responsibility seriously. He doesn't look like a 2-yr-old holding a 6-month old--he looks older.
Remembering our conversation a while back, I esp. noticed in those last photos how long her legs are--that's definitely where her height is. :>)