Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Day!

December 25, 2011
First picture of the day - in Christmas PJs!
Opening the gifts from Santa. Both of the kids got the coolest collage of all of their grandparents. I can not imagine how long Santa worked on that.
And Aaron got a very cool Elmo playdoh toy and Abby got a precious outfit I love. Santa did well!
We headed to church. The kids had a great time since my Aunt Pam and Cousin Nicole were in charge of the nursery and my kids were the only two in it! They had a blast and Jory and I got to worship God.
We came home for lunch and naps and then got ready for the next round!
Hanging with Grandpa Tom.
What you talking about, Willis?

Playing and waiting for the cousins to descend.
Love my grandpa!
In the evening, we had a wonderful family Christmas celebration with a full house. It didn't get started until it was almost time for the kids to go down, but they got to enjoy a bit of it.

Lovin' from Grandma Sheri!
Aaron got the coolest present ever! A real live (okay, not really, but close) crane!
I can not begin to describe this thing and how much Aaron loves it. It has picked up everything in our house!
What a blessed Christmas!

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