Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ohio, Day Two

Friday December 23, 2011
My brother brought three of his kids over this morning and Grandma Sheri and I took all five grandkids to look at some bows for Abby and then head to get my kids haircut. Aaron was first. He did great!
And I thought Danielle did a great job. She was wonderful with the kids.
Smiley Sue watched the action and then we attempted to give her a First Haircut. Wiggle Worm made that too difficult, so we just got a little bang trim in.
We were going to take all the kids to lunch but mine were ready for naps so we headed back for a light lunch and rest.
After naps I took Abby over to see Uncle Doug's house and hang out for a bit. Aaron was definitely feeling the effects of Day One's travel and short nap, so he stayed back. That meant Abby got a special treat - dinner alone with her grandparents! We missed having Aaron, but it was so fun to just focus on Abby. She doesn't get those moments by herself very often. I was remembering bringing Aaron to dinner with his grandparents when he was just her age and it was sweet to do the same thing with Abby. At the same restaurant!
After dinner I took Abby to see her great grandparents. I was so glad it was just Little Girl. My grandparents got to really enjoy her and I wasn't trying to keep a two year old still in a small space!
I really loved watching my grandparents interact with Abby. Grandma was so excited to play with a little girl!
Abby with Grandpa Bill.
When we got home Aaron was in bed but my niece Leah was there. This is about the sweetest, most mild mannered child ever. She is precious!
Day Two down!

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